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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Padjadjaran (FFUP). The Faculty of Pharmacy was previously a Department of Pharmacy under the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (1959-2006) and one of 16 Faculties at Universitas Padjadjaran. FFUP is one of the government educational institutions in Indonesia with study programs consisting of Bachelor (S1), Professional Programs (Pharmacists) and Masters (S2) Programs. The Bachelor Program (S1) and the Professional Program (Pharmacists) have been accredited A by the National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) and in addition, the Bachelor Program (S1) has been recognized by the Jawatan Pengkhidmatan Awam t from Malaysia. This website provides a variety of information about FFUP including faculty profiles, study programs, academics, curriculum, research activities, scientific publications, student affairs, libraries, alumni, new student guides, and various other information and services. In the future, we will continue to try to give a more comprehensive appearances, also we hope this website can be useful and helpful for those who need information about FFUP.

Jatinangor, January 2019


Prof. Dr. Ajeng Diantini, M.Sc, Apt.

Why choose FFUP?

Growing to be a part in preparing reliable human resources in the fields of health and medicine, we are committed to delivering FFUP graduates to become future generations who are competent, superior, and competitive in meeting the demands of the world.

Social life

We always prioritize the development of relevant science and technology and share these experiences through classrooms, laboratory rooms in preparing competent and superior academic people who uphold the value of cultural nobility to move towards the world.

PharmaUP Magazine – Sept 2019 :


PharmaUP Magazine – April 2019 :

PharmaUP Magazine - April 2019 A Monthly Scientific Seminar Faculty…


Bachelor of Pharmacy

National Accreditation (A)


National Accreditation (A)

Master of Clinical Pharmacy

National Accreditation (A)

Master and Doctor of Pharmacy

Program Studi Magister Farmasi Terakreditasi A

Program Studi Doktor Farmasi Terakreditasi B


Now Open, International Program for Bachelor Degree!

Now Open, International Program for Bachelor

Check this link for more information: International Program for Bachelor…

The 57th IPSF World Congress

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, kami, mahasiswa farmasi unpad,  yaitu Dinar…

2 Dosen dan Peneliti Fakultas Farmasi

Program SAME (Scheme for Academic Mobility and Exchange) merupakan program…

Summer Program: Penelitian Inovatif dan SEP

Summer program berdasarkan penelitian di bidang farmasi dengan 3 pilihan,…

Student and Alumni Testimonials

Opening my own outlet after 3 years working in gov hospital.

As student of science, be an explorer and discover new things, and dont be afraid to leave comfort zone, staying in comfort zone will only straining you from moving forward.

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Darius Gan

Retail Pharmacist, Ok Pharmacy Malaysia, Graduated in 2014

The UNPAD Pharmacy – Double Degree Study Program – Rutgers University has provided many valuable experiences and enhanced my capacity to conduct lab-based research using cells, experimental animals, and also clinical trials in humans.

The teaching staff are professionals in their fields, greatly supporting the progress of the students. In this program, I am trained to be able to think critically and systematically to answer research questions and solve various problems in the health field.

Alvinsyah Adhityo Pramono

Double Degree Student

No one ever thought if you graduated from Indonesia you cannot do clincal. But I proved wrong.

I was given opportunity to handle ID ward in my hospital. So far i’ve done study about Efavirenz and HIV and won for Best Poster In National Aids Conference 2018.

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Nur Aainaa Bt Kamarulzaman Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacist in Infectious Disease Ward, Graduated in 2011

Peran Apoteker saat ini semakin memberikan kontribusi terhadap kesehatan masyarakat, dan kontribusi apoteker sangat nyata dalam pencapaian cost effectiveness.

Apoteker menjadi partner dokter dan tenaga kesehatan lainnya dalam upaya pencegahan, diagnosa, treatment, pengobatan penyakit dan pemulihan, sehingga dapat meningkatkan kualitas hidup bangsa.

Mas Rahman Roestan, Alumni 1989

Direktur Operasi PT Bio Farma Holding

Currently as Clinical Pharmacist for medical ward, specifically in Infectious Diseases ward

Self learning Malaysia CPG, patient’s counseling points from Lembaga Farmasi, install apps e.g. Medscape, Sanford Guide to Antibiotic, UpToDate

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Syahidah Binti Ab Razak

Pharmacist, KKM, HSA JB, Graduated in 2013

Apoteker merupakan kunci dalam memberikan pelayanan kefarmasian kepada pasien, dalam pelaksanaannya apoteker memberikan pelayanan yang langsung dan bertanggung jawab kepada pasien terkait dengan sediaan farmasi.

Saat ini eksistensi apoteker sangat diakui oleh tenaga kesehatan lainnya, menjadi tanggung jawab kita bersama agar profesi ini dapat terus berkembang dan memberikan kontribusi maksimal bagi seluruh masyarakat Indonesia.

Dita Novianti S.A, Alumni 1991

Direktur Pelayanan Kefarmasian, Dirjen Farmalkes, Kemenkes RI


Research, Center of Study, Community Services, Publications


National and International Collaboration

Student Activities

Non-academic activities, soft skill trainings

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