Services and Facilities

Services and Facilities
Reasoning and Scientific Development Services

The soft skills curriculum is structured based on the field of student activity which, if followed in stages and gradually from entry-level students to pharmacist students, is expected to make a significant contribution to the criteria for graduates who are superior, competent, professional, and ethical.
Reasoning and scientific development services aim to instill a scientific attitude, stimulate creativity and innovation, improve the ability to research and write scientific papers, professional understanding, and teamwork, both at universities and between universities at home and abroad.
As an effort to create a strong generation, universities carry out several scientific competitions including the development of reasoning and science including the development of the Student Creativity Program (PKM), National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS), preparation of outstanding students (MAWAPRES), UNPAD Student Scientific Week (PIM- UNPAD), Indonesian Pharmacy Student Scientific Week (PIMFI), International Student Exchange Program, trainings, seminars, workshops, scientific discussions, scientific activities, competitions in reasoning and other scientific fields.

Counseling Guidance (BK) is carried out during the study period by the guardian lecturer, basically aimed at individual students individually to develop the potential contained in students optimally and subsequently can be useful for students, the environment and society. In addition to guardian lecturers, student services and guidance can also be provided centrally by the Faculty’s Academic and Student Affairs Manager.
Counseling services are intended to (a) provide information services to students so that students can utilize learning resources optimally, and (b) provide counseling assistance to students so that students can solve the problems they face according to their abilities.

The forms of Counseling Guidance activities provided to students include:
a. Personal and Social Tutoring Services
• Guidance on morals, ethics, morals or character
• Consultation on personal and social issues such as relationships between friends, lecturers, and finances.
b. Academic Guidance Service
• How to plan studies from semester one to the end and their implementation.
• Techniques for attending lectures or laboratories, studying books, completing independent and group assignments, compiling scientific papers, preparing and taking exams and carrying out work practices.
• Identification and guidance of student learning problems
• Socializing regulations from faculties, universities, and from the government such as available education/scholarship programs, education administration systems, and effective learning methods.
• Provide problem solving assistance to problems faced by students.
c. Non-Academic Guidance Services
• Guidance on talent and interest activities through the Student Activity Unit (UKM).
• Guidance on activities to increase student loyalty to organizations and institutions through participation in various Student Activity Units (UKM).

Students in developing their talents and interests are channeled through programs from the student activity unit, which aims to improve students’ abilities in growing appreciation for sports and arts, scouting, national defense, love of nature, journalism, and social service. In implementing the talent service for students’ interests, FF Unpad cooperates with student institutions at the faculty level, namely BEM (Student Executive Board) and BPM (Student Representative Body) Unpad Pharmacy Student Family (KEMAFAR), which is recognized by the issuance of BEM and BPM Management Decrees every year period. certain.
Pharmacy Student Families, currently have several student activity units that can accommodate the interests, talents and aspirations of Unpad Pharmacy students, including theater arts (Bengkel Seni Jack/BSD), Pharmacy Faculty Student Choir (PSMFF), Angklung Pharmacy, Football Unit Pharmacy (USP), Pharmacy Basketball Club (PBC), Pharmacy Volleyball Unit (UBVF), Pharmacy English Club (PEC), Pharmaceutical Badminton Unit (UBF), and others. There are also commissariats in the form of external organizations such as ISMAFARSI (Indonesian Pharmacy Student Senate Association), JMKI (Indonesian Health Student Network), and IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation).
Activities organized by both Faculty Students and in collaboration with BEM include the following:
a. National Student Sports Week (POMNas)
b. National Student Art Week (Peksiminas)
c. Ormawa Sports and Arts Activities
d. MTQ
e. Fostered Village
f. Student Entrepreneurship
g. Other activities

FF Unpad really supports and encourages all students to develop soft skills based on structured programs and activities by optimizing their resources, including collaborating with student institutions at the faculty level. The existence of Student Institutions, namely BEM (Student Executive Board) and BPM (Student Representative Body) Pharmacy Student Family (KEMAFAR) Unpad, is very important in providing soft skills services for students.
The collaborative relationship between the student faculty, BEM and BPM is needed in assessing student needs for soft skills described in work programs and activities according to these needs. Faculty and BEM students prepare a work program at the beginning of each year covering activity objectives, targets/targets, achievement of performance indicators, person in charge of activities, and the required budget. Student activity funds are sourced from PNBP funds or grant assistance from donors which are managed based on proportional principles and maintain accountability. Each activity must apply for an activity permit and proposal following the applicable SOP, and after the activity is completed, it is required to submit an activity report along with a financial accountability report.

Activities arranged based on Student Development Patterns produce a kind of soft skills curriculum which is highly expected to be followed by all students in order to achieve complete educational goals. Students who take part in these activities will receive a kind of soft skill transcript that can be used as evidence of formally recognized activities and soft skills mastery. These soft skill transcripts are useful as academic support, portfolio of soft skills abilities, and other very useful uses.
In addition to soft skills, Faculty of Pharmacy Students feel the need to carry out the guidance contained in the 10 points of student development at the Faculty of Pharmacy which aims to direct students to have academic achievements, have added value and graduate on time. The ten points of student development are:
1. Straighten the intention of studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy to seek knowledge as widely as possible, excel in academic and non-academic fields, and have a plan to graduate on time.
2. Seriously following academic obligations through study plans taken, fulfilling study contracts, motivating oneself and implementing appropriate and effective learning management.
3. Utilizing mentoring facilities through guardian lecturers, counseling guidance teams and final project guidance as a means of successfully completing studies on time. Consult immediately if you have academic or non-academic problems.
4. Participate in available soft skill activities, develop oneself in student organizations and socialize with the surrounding environment.
5. Do not approach drugs, avoid negative associations and avoid groups that have a negative impact and hinder the learning process.
6. Upholding the value of togetherness, helping each other in goodness, competing in a healthy manner, not cheating on exams, and avoiding plagiarism.
7. Maintain campus social etiquette, both towards lecturers, employees and fellow students.
8. Maintain neat and proper appearance etiquette on campus: wearing shoes (not wearing flip-flops), wearing a shirt (mandatory for male pharmacist level students) or collared shirt, not wearing a T-shirt (t-shirt), not wearing ripped jeans, no wearing ABG style clothes and skirts are too short (for women). Both men and women get used to looking like a professional.
9. Do not smoke in the environment or the building of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
10. Comply with rules, regulations and other ethics made specifically for the classroom, laboratory, or other place.

Every student has the right to obtain scholarships/benefits or other facilities such as dormitories and so on, for those who meet the requirements.

Types of Scholarships/Allowances
The types of scholarships/benefits can be divided into 2 (two) types, namely:

1. Government Scholarship

This type of scholarship is sourced from Government Agencies/Agencies, in this case the Ministry of National Education, including: Bidik Misi Scholarship, Regular Student Study Assistance (BBM), Special Student Study Assistance (BBM-Khusus) Improvement of Regular-Academic Achievement (PPA), Improvement Academic-Special Achievements (PPA-Khusus) for first-year students, Student Education Assistance (BPM) and Student Special Assistance (BKM), BUMN Consortium, Unpad Education Scholarships, Bank Indonesia, PT. Gas Negara, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Pertamina.
In addition, there are official bond scholarships from the POLRI, TNI, and the West Java Provincial Government, and other regional governments in the form of scholarships for tuition fees and assistance in completing the final project.

2. Private Scholarship

This type of scholarship comes from private foundations, including the Supersemar scholarship from the Supersemar Foundation, the BMU (UMPTN Entrance Scholarship) from the Supersemar Foundation, and the Sumitomo scholarship from Sumitomo Bank. Other scholarships are provided by Tifico, PT. Toyota Astra International, Tbk., Korindo, PT. People’s Mind, PT. Pos Indonesia, PT. Smart, PT. Dupont Indonesia, PT. Tempo, PT. Indocement, Tbk., Bandung Giri Gahana Golf, Bank Indonesia, Salim Foundation, PT. Love PPI Kansai Japan, PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk., Aetna Life Indonesia, PT. Sanbe Farma, PT. Djarum, Yampi, Epson and Mobil Oil, Karya Salemba Empat, State Savings Bank, Bank Central Asia, Ajeng Suharto Foundation and Astra Honda Motor Foundation, Bakti BCA Foundation, PT. SUN Life, People’s Mind. Novel Pharmaceutical Laboratories, PT. Unilever Indonesia, PT. Medion, PT. Pertiwi Agung, PT. AFI Farma, PT. Capri Pharmindo, PT. Pinusol Prima Pharma International, PT. Glaxo Welcome Indonesia, PT. Kalbe Farma, PT. Otto Pharmaceutical Industries, PT. Prima International, PT. Dankos Pharma, PT. Sinar Sosro, PT. Kima Farma, PT. Gracia Pharmindo, Rafa Health & Beauty Lifestyle, PT. H.M. Sampoerna, PT. Pfizer Indonesia, PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, PT. Hexpharm Jaya Laboratories, PT. Promedahardjo Pharmacy Industri, Century HealthCare.

Procedure/Requirements to Get Scholarship

The procedure for getting a student welfare scholarship has several requirements

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of KTM
  3. Copy of family card
  4. Photocopy of No. Current account
  5. Copy of grade transcript
  6. Photocopy of the latest proof of payment for the electricity/PBB account
  7. Parent’s income certificate/salary slip
  8. Statement letter (has not received a scholarship from any party) And will be subject to academic sanctions if there is a deviation
  9. Letter of incapacity from the local government
  10. Scholarship application letter
  11. Recommendation from the Faculty
  12. Faculty cover letter

*All requirements are made in three (3) copies and included in one folder.

The Faculty of Pharmacy realizes that many students find it difficult to pay the Education Administration Fee (BPP), which consists of tuition and practicum fees, so the Faculty of Pharmacy together with the BEM KEMA has developed a Care Pharmacy program. This program raises funds, both from cross subsidies for program management, alumni funds and other efforts to alleviate these difficulties.

Health is a very important factor for everyone in living his life. For students, health factors can affect the quality of learning and can even hinder students’ study time.

Student health services are health services related to preventive measures and assistance for students while studying at FF Unpad. The students who received the health services were FF Unpad students who were registered as active students in the current semester. Faculty level health services in collaboration with the University Health Clinic, which is currently located in two service locations, namely on Jl. Dipatiukur No. 46 Bandung and in the Unpad Campus Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang Km 21 – Jatinangor.
The types of services that can be obtained at the Padjadjaran University Health Clinic include:

1. Preventive and Promotive Services

These include services: Medical Check Up, Health Counseling, Vaccination, Circumcision, Gymnastics and Unpad Gym.

2. Curative Services

Among these services include: General Poly, Dental & Oral Poly, Specialist Poly (Eyes, ENT, Internal Medicine, Skin and Sex, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Clinical Nutrition and Mental Health), MCH, Clinical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical Team Services, Ambulance.

3. Rehabilitative Services

These include: Physiotherapy
Students are exempt from medical services fees at the University Health Clinic. If in handling, students need to be referred to a hospital, the University Health Clinic will provide a referral letter to facilitate the management process at the destination hospital.

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