The achievement of the Pharmacy Study Program of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University includes the components of attitudes, knowledge, and general and special skills.


  1. Be devoted to God Almighty and be able to demonstrate religious attitudes.
  2. Uphold the value of humanity in carrying out pharmacy tasks based on religion, morals and ethics.
  3. Contribute in improving the quality of life in society, nation, state, and the progress of civilization based on Pancasila.
  4. Acting as a proud and loving citizen of the country, having nationalism and a sense of responsibility for the country and nation.
  5. Appreciate the diversity of cultures, views, religions and beliefs, as well as the opinions or original findings of others, especially in the pharmaceutical field.
  6. Cooperate and have social sensitivity and concern for the community and the environment.
  7. Obey the law and discipline in the life of society and state.
  8. Internalize academic values, norms and ethics, especially in the pharmaceutical field.
  9. Demonstrate an attitude of responsibility for his/her pharmacy work independently.
  10. Internalize the spirit of independence, struggle, and entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical field


  1. Able to master the scientific foundation and increase self-competence needed in an effort to improve pharmaceutical technical work skills.

General skills

  1. Able to apply logical thinking, critical, systematic, and innovative in the context of the development or implementation of pharmaceutical science and technology by paying attention to and applying the values ​​of humanities.
  2. Able to demonstrate performance in the pharmaceutical field independently, quality and measured
  3. Able to study the implications of the development or implementation of science and technology in the pharmaceutical field by paying attention to and applying the value of humanities based on rules, procedures and scientific ethics in order to produce solutions, ideas, designs or criticisms.
  4. Prepare a scientific description of the results of the study in the form of a thesis and upload it on the college page.
  5. Able to make appropriate decisions in the context of solving problems in the pharmaceutical field, based on the results of analysis of information and data.
  6. Able to maintain and develop networks with mentors, colleagues, both inside and outside pharmacy institutions.
  7. Able to be responsible for the achievement of the results of group work and supervise and evaluate the completion of pharmacy work assigned to workers who are under their responsibility.
  8. Able to carry out the process of self-evaluation of work groups that are under their responsibility, and able to manage learning independently.
  9. Able to document, store, secure, and rediscover data to ensure validity and prevent plagiarism.
  10. Able to be responsible for work in the pharmaceutical field in accordance with the pharmaceutical code of ethics.
  11. Able to increase the capacity of learning independently.
  12. Able to contribute to the evaluation or development of national policies in the context of improving the quality of education or developing national policies in the pharmaceutical field.
  13. Able to document, store, audit, secure, and rediscover data and information for the purpose of developing work in the pharmaceutical field.

Special skills (Work ability)

  1. Able to conduct pharmaceutical practices supervised by pharmacists in accordance with regulatory provisions.
  2. Able to optimize the use of rational pharmaceutical dosage form based on scientific, guidelines, and evidence-based considerations to optimize the success of therapy under the pharmacists supervision.
  3. Able to dispense pharmaceutical dosage forms and medical devices according to standards and legislation under the supervision of a pharmacist.
  4. Able to trace, analyze critically, organize information about pharmaceutical dosage forms and medical devices that are appropriate, accurate, relevant and up to date and communicate effectively according to the needs of the information recipient under the supervision of the pharmacist.
  5. Able to formulate and produce appropriate pharmaceutical dosage forms, in accordance with the standards and provisions of legislation under the supervision of a pharmacist.
  6. Able to trace, critically analyze, organize information about pharmaceutical dosage forms and communicate effectively as a preventive and public health promotion effort under the supervision of a pharmacist.
  7. Able to manage the design, selection, procurement, storage, distribution, destruction and withdrawal of pharmaceutical dosage forms and medical devices in accordance with the provisions of legislation effectively and efficient under supervision of the pharmacist.

Managerial skills

  1. Able to demonstrate effective skills with patients and health workers through verbal and non-verbal communication techniques under supervision of the pharmacist.
  2. Able to demonstrate organizational skills and interpersonal relationships in doing pharmacy work according to procedures at work time under supervision of the pharmacist.

Other skills

  1. Able to carry out lifelong learning (long life learner) and serve the community based on research (Transfomative Learning) based on Unpad Principal Scientific Pattern (PIP), namely Bina Mulia Law and Environment in National Development.
  2. Having Responsible, Excellent, Scientific Rigor, Professional, Encouraging, Creative, and Trust (RESPECT)
  3. Able to uphold the noble values of Sundanese culture and national culture in world cultural diversity.