Mary Tan, Trainee pharmacist, Graduated in 2018

Thanks for all the kind people who helped me for my last year study fee to helping me to graduate. And here i am now! Appreciated.

Hopes you all enjoy study in Unpad.. weather all just perfect for malaysian, you can learn alot not only knowledges skills in pharmacy, and people cultures (foods) in sundanese people there.

Mary Tan, 2019

Darius Gan, Retail Pharmacist, Ok Pharmacy Malaysia, Graduated in 2014

Opening my own outlet after 3 years working in gov hospital.

As student of science, be an explorer and discover new things, and dont be afraid to leave comfort zone, staying in comfort zone will only straining you from moving forward.

Darius Gan, 2019

Cooghen Dev, Pharmacist, Health Clinic, Graduated in 2014

Just went by the flow.

Chill and enjoy your student life.

Cooghen Dev, 2019

Nur Aainaa Bt Kamarulzaman, Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist in Infectious Disease Ward, Graduated in 2011

No one ever thought if you graduated from Indonesia you cannot do clincal. But I proved wrong. I was given opportunity to handle ID ward in my hospital. So far i’ve done study about Efavirenz and HIV and won for Best Poster In National Aids Conference 2018.

Include clinical as in Malaysia we are prone to more in clinicals. Also practical in gov hospital in long holiday so they wont be suprised when they enter hospital for training.

Nur Aainaa Bt Kamarulzaman, 2019

Mohd Zulhilmi bin Abdul Hasif, Hospital outpatient pharmacist, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Sandakan Sabah, Graduated in 2011

Just feel so blessed to experience studying at Unpad, which paved the way to a steady career now.

Embrace study at a foreign place. Try to participate in as many uni activities as possible (which I myself regretted not to do) , be it in sports, as lab assistant, or in event and organization (all these experience will surely come in handy in your career later on). Also, take initiative to apply for attachment at hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and community pharmacy during study, doesn’t matter if it’s in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Mohd Zulhilmi bin Abdul Hasif, 2019

Rasyidatul Hanim, Pharmacist, Sg Petani Kedah, Graduated in 2015

Already a FRP now fully registered pharmacist

Fakultas Farmasi Unpad is very nice place with nice lecturers and friends. Really glad to be unpad alumni

Rasyidatul Hanim, 2019

Syahidah Binti Ab Razak, Pharmacist, KKM, HSA JB, Graduated in 2013

Currently as Clinical Pharmacist for medical ward, specifically in Infectious Diseases ward

Self learning Malaysia CPG, patient’s counseling points from Lembaga Farmasi, install apps e.g. Medscape, Sanford Guide to Antibiotic, UpToDate

Syahidah Binti Ab Razak, 2019

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