Prof. Dr. apt. Keri Lestari, M.Si

A. Personal Identity

Full Name : Prof. Dr. Keri Lestari Dandan, M.Si., Apt.
Office   : Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Padjadjaran Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang km 21 Jatinangor Sumedang
Email :

B. Education

Degree Graduated University
Bachelor 1992 Universitas Padjadjaran
Master 2000 Institut Teknologi Bandung
Doctorate 2010 Universitas Padjadjaran

C. Awards and Honors:

1 West Java Delegation for “Pasukan Pengibar Bendera (Paskibra)” National 1985
2 “Siswa Teladan” for Senior High School Students in West Java, 1986
3 The Most Outstanding Student (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) Universitas Padjadjaran 1992
4 West Java Governor Awards in Protocoler Major at Celebration of 50 Years Asia-Africa Conference, 24 April 2005 in Kota Bandung
5 Satya Lancana Karya Satya 10 tahun Honors, President of Republic Indonesia, 2008
6 Awards from France-Indonesian Embassy, Indonesian Culture Promotion, France, 16th- 31st of October 2010
7 Inspiration Award, Rakyat Merdeka On Line, March 2013
8 National Awards, Intelectual Property Rights, Inventor in Pharmaceutical Field, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, April 2013.
9 IndieHome Women Awards as Women Researcher, Telkom, May 2014
10 Semifinal Nomination for Asian Entrepreneur Awards, Tokyo, Japan 2016
11 Inspired Participant Taplai Lemhanas RI, 2020

D. Work Experiences

Years Position
1st of March 2004 – 1 st ofMarch 2005 Facilities and Infrastructure Dept. in Pharmaacy, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, UNPAD
March 2005-January 2011 Head of Human Anatomy and Physiologi Laboratory
2nd of January 2008 –December 2010 Chief of Public Relation and Cooperation in UPT, Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University
2008 – 2010 Coordinator of Rector Secretary/ Head Of Protocol, Padjadjaran University
2008-present Administrator Secretary of UPT Kesenian
December 2010– December Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Pharmacy, Padjadjaran University
22nd of November 2010– present Member of Badan Koordinasi Pendidikan Kedokteran (BAKORDIK) RSUP Dr.Hasan Sadikin Bandung
2013- present Consultant in The Development of Nutmeg Seed Extract Project, PT Kimia Farma Tbk
2014-present Consultant in PT Prodia-CRO for preclinic & clinical test
2017-present Consultant in PT DPE for new product development in nutraseuticals
October 2014 –Dec 2015 Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Padjadjaran
September 2015 – Februari2020 Vice Rector for Research, Community Engagement, Collaboration, Innovation & Academic Corporation
March 2020- present CEO West Java Development Institute Universitas Padjadjaran
Noember 2020- present Member of the National Commission on Herbal Medicine

E. Organization

Years Position
2010-2014 Facilities and Infrastructure Dept. in Farmasi FMIPA UNPAD
2011-2015 Vice chairman of Public Relation and Publication Dept., PD Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia branch West Java
2011-present Chairperson of Ikatan Sarjana Wanita Kota Bandung
2005-2010 Reach to recovery, organizing committee of Yayasan Kanker Indonesiabranch Kota Bandung
June 2001 –present Member of “Himpunan Kimia Bahan Alam Indonesia”
2011-2015 General Secretary of ”Dharma Wanita Persatuan Kota Bandung”
2009-2014 Vice Treasurer of “Organization of Keluarga Alumni Daya Mahasiswa Sunda (Kadamas)”, West Java
1999-present Member of “Himpunan Kimia Klinik Indonesia”
2009-2013 Profesional Division, Committee of Ikatan Alumni Universitas Padjadjaran Komisariat Faculty of Pharmacy
2005- present Pharmacy Comissariat Coordinator, Committe of Ikatan Ahli Farmakologi Indonesia (IKAFI) Bandung branch
2010-present Fellow of Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)
2010-2011 President Rotary Club International Bandung Utara
2011- present Member of Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP)
2011- 2014 Member of Education Development Committee of Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Farmasi Indonesia (APTFI)
2012-2014 Member of National Committee Traditional Medicine and Food Supplement Assesor, NA-DFC, Jakarta
2015-2016 Secretary for Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Farmasi Indonesia (APTFI)
2016-present Chairperson for Kolegium Ilmu Farmasi Indonesia
2016-2018 Secretary for Forum Wakil Rektor Kerjasama Indonesia
2018-present Vice President of Indonesian Pharmacist Association (Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia) for Advance Practice and Specialists
2019-present Vice Chairperson Jabar Bergerak Community for Health and Environment Focus
2020-present Stering committee Jabar Bergerak

F. Training

Years Title
January19th-24th, 2004 International Intensive Short Course on Health Communication inCommunity Development, Leiden Ethnosystems and Development Programme (LEAD) Institute of Cultural and Social Studies Leiden University Branch of the National Herbarium of The Netherlands & Universitas Padjadjaran
March,15th -20th, 2005 Management Course for The Protocol Team from The UniversitasPadjadjaran, IIUM Events Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur
September 4th -27th, 2008 Research Course Program “Development of Nutmeg (Myristica fragransHout.) as a Natural Double Agonist of PPAR α/γ a New Theurapeutic Approach to The Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, Natural Products and Biomaterials Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, College of Life
Science & Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Korea
August5th-6 th , 2009 Training and Seminar Internet Utilization for Pharmaceutical Care Practiceand Patient Safety, Ikatan Sarjana Farmasi Jawa Timur, Himpunan Seminar Farmasi di Rumah Sakit, Surabaya
May 3rd , 2010 Workshop Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI): ReferenceMethod for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test”, Faculty of Pharmacy UNPADand Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University Korea
May 23rd – June 6th , 2010 Course and Workshop on Clinical Pharmacy Education at School ofPharmaceutical Sciences University Sains Malaysia
March 1st-2nd, 2013 Course and Workshop on Good Clinical Practice (GCP), The IndonesianAssociation for Study of Medicinal (IASMED)
March 20th-22nd, 2013 Pharmacotherapy Review Program for Advanced Clinical PharmacyPractice, American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)-Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR, Surabaya
November 24th, 2016 the 4th ASEAN Accounting Education Workdroup in Bandung, Indonesia
Februari 9th –10th, 2017 Workshop “Development of competency test questions for clinical skills inthe form of OSCE” in National seminars and Workshops on Competency Test for Health Workers “Strengthening Competency Test System in Improving the Quality of Professional Health Workers to Strengthen Nation Competitiveness in the Global Era, Bandung
Februari 5th-6th, 2018 Academic Workshop organized by Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI)
April 11th-12th, 2018 Train The Trainer SMART Continuing Professional Development, Bali.
July 23th-25th 2018 Training on Good Clinical Practices
April 13th, 2018 Train The Trainer SMART Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, Bali.
March 12th-15th, 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia (IAI), Bandung
Juli 2019 Training of LPDP scholarship interviewer

G. Researchs

Years Title
1996 Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Jati Belanda Leaves (Guazuma ulmifoliaLamk.) in Mice (DIP APBN –LITMUD 1996/1997)
1997 Formulation of Honey and Fish Oil (Oleum carcarhidis) as Health Drink (DIPOPF, 1996/1997)
1997 Postural Variation in Measurement of Cholesterol-LDL and Cholesterol-HDLParameter
1998 Differentiation of Body Position in Measurement of Apo-A1 and Apo-BParameters
1999 Effect of Carrot Consumption (Daucus carota Linn) in Human TotalAntioxidant Status (DIK UNPAD)
2000 Parameter of Clotting Factor of Diabetes Mellitus Patients
2003 Correlation Study of Blood Fibrinogen Level and Blood Glucose Level inDiabetes Mellitus Patients
2004 Adipose tissue as an Endocrine organ
2004 Correlation between Blood Clotting Factor and Plasma Glucose Value
2004 Determination of hs-CRP as a Risk Factor for Stroke and Coronary HeartDisease
2006 Correlation between Cystatin C and Mycroalbuminuria as a Predictor forRenal Filtration
2006 Antidiabetic Activity of Coleus atropurpureus Benth Ethanolic Extract inAloxan Induced Mice
2007 The Epidemic of Avian Flu in Indonesia : Prevention and Therapy
2007 Influence of Time and Storage of Blood Specimen towards PlatelleteAggregation Test, Protrombin Time, SOD and GPx Enzyme Activity for Accuration Measurement Protocol in Clinic Laboratory ( “Penelitian Program Hibah Kompetisi A2” Grant)
2007 Control and Early Detection of Diabetes with Independent Blood GlucoseChecking Method
2008 Joint Research “Development of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Hout.) as aNatural Dual Agonist PPAR α/γ a New Theurapeutic Approach to The Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, Natural Products and Biomaterials Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, College of Life Science & Biotechnology, Yonsei University, Korea (Sandwich Grant from Directorate of Higher Education )
2009 Toxicity of Nutmeg Seed (Myristica fragrans) (Doctorate Grant ofUniverstitas Padjadjaran)
2010 Potention of Nutmeg Seed (Myristica fragrans) as Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) α/γ, Natural Ligand for Antidiabetic and Antihyperlipidemic Drugs (“Kompetitif Penelitian sesuai Prioritas Nasional’Grant)
2010 Ethanolic Extract of “Ki Encok Root” (Plumbago zeylanica L.) asAntistaphilococcal Activity
2011 Development of Nutmeg Seed (Myristica fragrans Hout.) Extract Tabletsacting as Double Agonist of Proxisome Proliferators-Activated Receptor(PPAR) α/γ for Antidiabetic and Antidislipidemic
2012-2013 Development of Nutmeg Seed (Myristica fragrans Hout.) Herbal asNutraceutical for Antidiabetic and Antidislipidemic(MP3EI Grant)
2015-2016 Manufacture of Nutmeg Seed Extract (Myristica fragrans Hout.) asNutraceutical for Antidiabetic and Antidislipidemic (MP3EI Grant)
2016-2017 Clinical Trial of Nutmeg Seed (Myristica fragrans Hout.) Herbal asNutraceutical for Antidiabetic and Antidislipidemic (Collaboration with PT Kimia Farma Tbk.)
The Development of Stevia Leaf Extract (Stevia rebaudiana Bert.) As a Natural Nutraceutical for antidiabetic from Indonesia
2016-2019 Research on Stevia Leaves as Nutraceutical for Diabetic Patient
2017-now Research on Teh Dia as Stevia and Tea Product Development with PT DPE
2020-now Research on Qiuinine for Covid-19 Antidote
2020-now Clinical Trial on Quinine for Covid-19 treatment
2020-now Clinical Trial on Rhea health tone oil as an immunomodulator for Covid-19patients
2020-now Clinical Trials on Herbal Immunomodulators for Covid-19 (Inamed-Cov)
2020-now Clinical trials on Stevia to increase regulation of the body’s immune systemduring the Covid-19 Pandemic

H. Publications in Scientific Journal

1. Keri Lestari D, 2010, Pharmaceutical care Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients, Unpad Press, ISBN: 978-602-8743-42-6
2. Keri Lestari, JK Hwang, Sri Hartini, Andi Wijaya, Trihanggono Achmad, Anas  Subarnas, Supriyatna & M Muchtaridi, 2012, Screening for PPAR α/γ Agonist from Myristica fragrans Houtt Seeds for The Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes by in vivo and in vitro, Medical and Health Science Journal, Vol. 12,no. 3, 2012.
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4. Norisca A. Putri, Keri Lestari, Ajeng Diantini, Taofik Rusdiana. Monitoring Terapi Warfarin pada Pasien Pelayanan Jantung pada Rumah Sakit di Bandung. 2012. Monitoring Terapi Warfarin pada Pasien Pelayanan Jantung pada Rumah Sakit di Bandung. Jurnal Farmasi Klinik Indonesia: 1(3): 110-116.
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I. Publications in Scientific Seminars

1. Diantini A, Abdullah R, Jualeha E, Lestari K, Halimah E, Susilawati Y, Yamazaki C, Achmad TH, Supriyatna, Subarnas A, Koyama H, Anticancer Activities of Substance Isolated from Leaves of Schima wallichii in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines, The 10th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), Singapore 9-12 July 2010
2. Abdullah R, Noerjasin H, Diantini A, Lestari K, Mutakin, Suradji EW, Nakazawa M, Subarnas A, Koyama H, Reduce Serum Selenium Concentration Related to Spontaneous Abortion Incidence in Indonesian Subjects, The 10th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), Singapore 9-12 July 2010
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5. Keri Lestari, Yaya Rukayadi, Ajeng Diantini, Euis Julaeha, and Jae-Kwan Hwang, Ethanol Extract of “Ki Encok Root” (Plumbago zeylanica L.) has Antistaphilococcal Activity, International Seminar and Expo on Jamu 2010, Bandung 5-6 November 2010
6. Keri Lestari, Anas Subarnas, Sri HKS Kariadi, Andi Wijaya, Tri H Achmad, and Jae-Kwan Hwang, The Activities of Nutmeg Seeds (Myrystica frangrans Hout) as A Natural Antihyperglycemic and Antidyslipidemic with Dual Agonist PPAR α/γ, Efficacy: A Study Related to The Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, International Seminar and Expo on Jamu 2010, Bandung 5-6 November 2010
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8. Keri Lestari Dandan, Herbal Medicine : Efective doesn’t always mean safe, Forum Diabetes Nasional V, Perhimpunan Endokrinologi Indonesia (PERKENI) – Departemen Ilmu Penyakit Dalam FK UNPAD/ RS Dr. Hasan Sadikin, Bandung 17-19 Juni 2011
9. Keri Lestari Dandan, Processing Herb and Manufacturing Herbal Medicines, Malang Endocrinology Update, Division of Endocrine and Metabolic, Department of Internal Medicine, Brawijaya University, Dr. Saeful Anwar General Hospital, Malang 20-22 April 2012
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22. Keri Lestari D, Pentahelix Implementation in Etnomedicine Development for Health & Well- being: Indonesia’s Strategy to Face the Asean Single Market (MEA), Public Lecture at the Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Halu Oleo, Kendari 16 August 2015
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K. Drafting Public Policies and Social

No Titles Year Location Implementation
1 Team of Evaluation and Development Competence Based Curriculum 2012 Universitas Padjadjaran
2 Reviewer National Committee Traditional Medicine and Food Supplement Assesor 2012 National Agency of Drugs and Food Control
3 Team performance evaluation of West Java government 2016 Bappenas RI
4 Expert board for Balitbangkes Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia 2016-now Balitbangkes Ministry of Health RI
5 Expert board for Pharmacy Practice Directorate, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia 2017 Pharmacy Practice Directorate, Ministry of Health RI
6 Chairman of the Committee for Handling COVID-19 and Economic Recovery in the Pharmacy sector of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association 2020 Indonesian Pharmacists Association
7 National Commission on Herbal Medicine 2020 Ministry of Health RI

L. International

1 Co-promotor PhD Program University of Groningen, Netherland
2 Co-Promotor PhD Program Rutgers University, USA
3 Co-Promotor PhD Program Leiden University, Netherland
4 Co-Promotor Master Program in Rutgers University, USA

M. Others

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11 Reviewer in Journal of Dentistry Universitas Padjadjaran
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14 Published a book with the title “Lembar Balik Konseling Apoteker untuk pasien Diabetes Melitus”
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