Dr. apt. Rini Hendriani, M,Si

Name : Rini Hendriani
Date & place of birth : 01-02-1971, Bandung
Affiliation : Universitas Padjadjaran
Address : Jl. Raya Jatinangor Km 21,5 Sumedang – Jawa Barat  45363
Email address :
Position : staff
Expertise : pharmacology and clinical pharmacy
  1. Education
1990 – 1994 : S1 Pharmacy – ITB
2003 – 2006 : S2 Pharmacy – Pharmacology – ITB
2011– 2016 : S3 Pharmacy – Pharmacology – ITB

C.    Organisation

  1. IAI (Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia)

D.   Research & Research Grant (in the last 5 years)

No. Title Year Research Funder
2 Bioactive Compounds and Development of Herbal Medicines for Diabetes Metabolic Diseases 2020 ACADEMIC LEADERSHIPS GRANT(ALG) / Prof. Ahmad Muhtadi, Unpad
3 New Anticancer Bioactive Compounds from Sablo Leaves (Acalypha wilkesiana Muell. Arg.) And Their Mechanisms in the Apoptotic Pathway against HeLa Cervical Cancer Cells 2020 Penelitian Dasar Unggulan Perguruan Tinggi (PDUPT)
4 Pilot scale production and phase I test of white turmeric extract (Curcuma zedoaria) for cancer prevention and treatment supplements 2019 RISET KOMPETENSI DOSEN UNPAD (RKDU)
5 Investigation of Antihypertensive Bioactive Compounds Using Isolation Method Guided By In Vivo Activity Test From Roselle Petals (Hibiscus Sabdariffa L.) And Prediction Mechanism By Docking 2018 RISET KOMPETENSI DOSEN UNPAD (RKDU)
6 Phytoestrogens from Legumes as Anticancer 2017 RISET HIBAH FUNDAMENTAL UNPAD (RFU)
7 Original Indonesian Herbs as Anti-Baldness Drugs 2017 ACADEMIC LEADERSHIPS GRANT(ALG)/ Prof Resmi Mustarichie
8 Identification of Tempuyung (Sonchus arvensis L.) Leaf Extract Active Compounds as Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor and In Vitro and In Silico Activity Confirmation 2016 Hibah Pengembangan Kapasitas Riset Dosen, Unpad
  1. Community Service
No. Title Year Place
1. Health Checkup and Extension on the Use of Herbs to Prevent Cancer for PKK Cadres 2020 Desa Bumiwangi Kecamatan Ciparay​ – Kabupaten Bandung,
2 Dissemination of prevention of breast and cervical cancer with white turmeric extract in Pangandaran 2020 Desa Karangjaladri, Kabupaten Pangandaran, Jawa Barat
3 Education on the Use of Herbs in Efforts to Manage Malaria and Dengue Fever 2019 Desa Pamotan, Kabupaten Pangandaran
4 Education, Information and Counseling About Health, Prevention of Infectious and Degenerative Diseases and Health Checks 2019 Bandung
5 Herbal Counseling to Help Overcome Impaired Kidney Function 2018 Kabupaten Cirebon, Jawa Barat
6 Counseling of Quality Life For Diabetes Patients 2018 Desa Cilayung Kecamatan Jatinangor, Jawa barat
7 Health and beauty counseling with herbs 2018 Indramayu
8 TOGA (Family Medicinal Plants) for ARI and Diarrhea 2017 Desa Harapan Jaya Kecamatan Muara Gembong Bekasi
9 Development of Soyghurt Production for Citizens of Cilayung Village, Jatinangor District to Increase Additional Community Economy 2016 Desa Cilayung Kecamatan Jatinangor, Jawa barat
  1. Publications in the last 5 years (H-index: XX (Scholar), XX (Scopus))

International Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Quartiles
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
1 Antibacterial activity and subchronic toxicity of Cassia fistula L. barks in rats Toxicology Reports 7 (2020) 649–657 2020
2 Anti-staphylococcal effect of red roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) calyx decoction as an Indonesian folk medicine beverage Drug Invention Today | Vol 13(5), 2020, 719-724 2020
3 Number and Potential of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Controlled Group of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients are Higher than the Poorly Controlled Group The Indonesian Biomedical Journal, Vol.11, No.2, August 2019, p.205-9 2019
4 Cytotoxic activity of subfraction from ethyl acetate fraction of sablo (Acalypha Wilkesiana) leaves on HeLa servical cancer cells J. Pharm. Sci. & Res. Vol. 11(9), 2019, 3250-3252 2019
5 Risk factors of Lung Cancer in Indonesia: a qualitative study SPER, 2019, Vol 9(2), 41-45 2019
6 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Lung Cancer Risk Factors in West Bandung Society Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences, Volume 11(4), 574-579 2019
7 In-Vivo Effectiveness of 5% Azadirachta indica Oil Cream as Anti-Scabies Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Research, Volume 4(1), April 2019, 10-15 2019
8 Topical Anti-inflammatory Activity of Gedi Leaves Extract Gel (Abelmoschus manihot L.) on Carrageenan-induced Paw Edema in Male Wistar Albino Rat Res. J. Chem. Environ. Vol. 22 (9) September (2018). P.60-62 2018
9 Subchronic Toxicity of Ethanol Extract of Syzygium polyanthum (Wight) Walp. Leaves on Wistar Rat Indones Biomed J. 2018. In Press. P.1-6. 2018
10 In Vitro and In Silico Evaluation Of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activity of Quercetin Contained In Sonchus Arvensis Leaf Extract International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2017; Special Issue May, II-Indonesian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy: 50-53 2017
11 Hypoglycemic Activity Of 10 Medicinal Plants Extract In Glucose Induced Mice International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2017; Special Issue May, II-Indonesian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy: 14-17 2017
12 Antimicrobial Spectrum of Red Piper Betel Leaf Extract (Piper crocatum Ruiz & Pav) as Natural Antiseptics Against Airborne Pathogens J. Pharm. Sci. & Res. Vol. 9(5), 2017, 583-587 2017
13 In Vitro Evaluation of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activity of Selected Medicinal Plants International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2016; 8(4): 235-238 2016

National Accreditation Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Sinta
S1-S2 S3-S4 S5-S5
1 Aktivitas Antidiabetes Kombinasi Ekstrak Etanol Biji Klabet, Buah Mengkudu, Dan Biji Jintan Hitam Dibandingkan Dengan Masing-Masing Ekstraknya Pada Tikus Yang Diinduksi Aloksan Farmasi Galenika, Vol. 6(3), 113-124 2019
2 Review Artikel: Aktivitas Antikanker Payudara Dan Serviks Dari Beberapa Tanaman Farmaka, Volume 17(2), 367-375 2019
3 Review Artikel: Kandungan Dan Aktivitas Farmakologi Tanaman Trengguli (Cassia Fistula L.) Farmaka, Volume 17(3), 71-77 2019
4 Masalah Dan Pengembangan Formulasi Obat Untuk Bentuk Dosis Anak- Anak Farmaka, Volume 18(1), 94-101 2019
5 Murbei Putih (Morus Alba) Sebagai Herbal Antioksidan Dan Penghambat Α-Glukosidase Pada Penderita Diabetes Melitus : Artikel Review Farmaka, Vol. 16(2) 2018, 329-336 2018
6 Review: Suhu Penyimpanan Bahan Baku Dan Produk Farmasi Di Gudang Industri Farmasi Farmaka, Vol. 16(2), 2018,  316-321 2018
7 Evaluasi Penggunaan Antibiotik Pada Pasien Rawat Inap Di Rumah Sakit “X” Provinsi Jawa Barat Secara Kuantitatif Pada Bulan November-Desember 2017 Farmaka, Vol. 16,(2), 2018, 97-104. 2018
8 Aktivitas Antikanker Tanaman Genus Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae): Sebuah KajianAnticancer Activity Of Plant Genus Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae): A Review Trad. Med. J., 2017 Vol. 22(3), p 182-189 2017
9 Tinjauan Aktivitas Antibakteri Ekstrak Cassia Fistula Terhadap Staphylococcus Aureus Dan Escherichia Coli: Artikel Review Farmaka, Vol. 15(2), 2017, 101-110. 2017
10 Review Artikel: Tanaman Herbal Dengan Aktivitas Perangsang Pertumbuhan Rambut Farmaka, Vol. 15(1), 2017, 105-114. 2017
11 Tanaman Herbal yang Memiliki Aktivitas Hepatoprotektor Farmaka, Vol. 4(4), 2016, 1-10. 2016
12 Review: Teknik Peningkatan Kelarutan Obat Farmaka, Vol.14(2) (suplemen), 2016, hal 321-333. 2016
No Seminar/Symposium Place Year Position
Plenary/Invited Oral Poster
1 3nd International Seminar on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Jatinangor, Jawa Barat 2018
2 2nd International Seminar and Expo on Jamu Bandung, Jawa Barat 2017
3 II- Indonesian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy Denpasar, Bali 2016
4 The Fifth International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society (ICICS-2016) Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur 2016
5 Seminar Nasional Kefarmasian Bandung, Jawa Barat 2016
6 2nd International Seminar on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Jatinangor, Jawa Barat 2016
a. Scientific Journal  
No Position and Journal Year
1 Reviewer- Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology 2020
2 Reviewer – Jurnal Farmasi Klinik Indonesia 2020
3 Reviewer – Jurnal Farmaka 2019
4 Reviewer – Jurnal Farmasi Galenika 2019
b. Research Proposal  
No Organization Year
No. Title No Patent Years
1. Kunir Putih Curcuma zedoaria untuk Pencegahan dan Pengobatan Kanker 000180314 2020
2. Mengenal Faktor Risiko Kanker Paru-Paru 000136980 2019
No Tittles Press ISBN Year
1 Kunir Putih Curcuma zedoaria untuk Pencegahan dan Pengobatan Kanker Deepublish 978-623-02-0481-4 2020