apt. Angga Prawira Kautsar, M.A.R.S

Name : Angga Prawira Kautsar
Date & place of birth : Bandung, 18 Februari 1982
Affiliation : Dept. Pharmaceutics and Technology Of Pharmacy
Address : Pondok Rawamas Indah Blok AA1/1 RT6/7, Kotabaru, Kab. Karawang, Jawa Barat 41374
Email address :
Position : Lecturer
Expertise : Health technology assessment
  1. Education
1999  – 2005 : Bachelor of Pharmacy (Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia)
2005  –  2007 : Mater of Public Health (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
2020  – present : Graduate science of medical science (University of Groningen-UMCG, Netherlands)
  1. Organization
    1. ISPOR 2020 – present
    2. IAPHL 2017 – present
    3. AAPS 2016 – 2017
    4. IAI 2005 – present
  1. Research & Research Grant (in the last 5 years) 
No. Title Year Research Funder
1. Application for monitoring medication errors related to prescribing and dispensing medicines in health facilities to improve patient safety and health services quality (as leader project) 2019 DIPA UNPAD
2. Effectiveness of improving the pharmaceutical services quality on reduction of medication errors by comparing six sigma and other methods (as leader project) 2018 DIPA UNPAD
3 Influence of quality improvement of pharmaceutical service by six-sigma method from parameter of standard of minimum services at hospitals in bandung and jakarta city (as leader project) 2017 DIPA UNPAD
4 Influence of pharmaceutical unit services quality from standard of minimum services on patients loyalty mediated by patient satisfaction among national health insurance outpatient in public hospital (as leader project) 2016 Self-funded
5 Evaluation of drug inventory by ABC method at primary health center in bandung city in the era of universal coverage (as leader project) 2015 Self-funded
  1. Community Service
No. Title Year Place
1. IAI 2005-present Karawang
  1. Publications in the last 5 years (H-index: 5 (Scholar), 2 (Scopus))

International Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Quartiles
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Attitudes of pharmacy students towards patient safety: A multinational cross-sectional study Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2020
Cost-effectiveness of dengue vaccination in Indonesia: Considering integrated programs with wolbachia-infected mosquitos and health education International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2020
Cost-effectiveness analysis of spending on research and development to address the needs for innovative therapeutic products in Indonesia Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2020
The relationship between medication errors in prescribing phase and service quality on national health insurance patients of pharmacy unit in public hospital in Bandung city National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2018
Managing drug inventory by ABC critical index methodin primary healthcare center in Bandung, Indonesia Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology 2017
Awareness, knowledge, and perception among pharmacists on the National Health Insurance program in Indonesia National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2017
Effect of prescription waiting time on patient satisfaction mediated by service quality of pharmacy unit in public hospital in Bandung city National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2017
The Influence of Demographic, Social System, Communication System, and Herbal Characteristics on Purchase Decisions of Herbal Medicine in Indonesia Journal of Economics, Business and Management 2016
Consumer expectation on service quality provide by pharmacist in self medication practices and its associated factors in Bandung, Indonesia Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 2016
The hospital pharmacists’ role: Influence of job embeddedness on job performance and job satisfaction through mediator’s job involvement International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research 2015
Hospital pharmacist’s employee Engagement fully mediate the organization culture to their innovative behavior and individual performance International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research 2015

National Accreditation Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Sinta
S1-S2 S3-S4 S5-S6
Efficiency Fast-Moving Drug Plan with Reorder Point Intervention at a Private Hospital in Bandung Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Research 2019
Marketing 4.0: A Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Industry to Reach Customer Brand Experience Farmaka 2018
The relationship between the suitability of prescription writing with the national formulary on the quality of service for national health insurance patients in Bandung’s public hospitals Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2017
Evaluation of Drug Supplies for national health insurance patients using the ABC Method at a Public Health Center in Bandung City Farmaka 2016
No Seminar/Symposium Place Year Position
Plenary/Invited Oral Poster
Bandung International Conference on Collaborative Pharmacy Research (BICCPR) Bandung, Indonesia 2018
1 Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (ACPE) Brisbane, Australia 2017
2 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Colorado, USA 2016
2nd Indonesian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ICCP) Bali, Indonesia 2016
3 Mayo Summit Minneapolis, USA 2015
Scientific Journal
No Position and Journal Year
Editor in The Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutics (IdJP) 2018-present
Reviewer in Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science (JAPS) 2018-present
Editor in Farmaka 2017-present
Reviewer in Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 2016-present
No. Title No Patent Years
1. REKAM Submitted 2020