Intan Timur Maisyarah, M.Si., Ph.D

A. Personal information

Full Name Intan Timur Maisyarah, M.Si., PhD.
Gender Female
Functional Position Lecturer
NIP 198309212019074001
Place, date of birth  Payakumbuh, 21 September 1983
Phone  081224910808
Office addrese  Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang Km. 21
Office Phone  022-7796200
 Graduates who have earns  S-1 = 0 ; S-2 = 0; S-3 = 0
 Courses Introduction to medicinal chemistryMedicinal ChemistryPhytochemistryPlant tissue culturePharmaceutical biotechnology

B. High education

S-1 S-2 S-3
 University Institut Teknologi Bandung Institut Teknologi Bandung The University of Tokyo
Field Chemistry Chemistry Biotechnology
Entry-graduation years 2000-2004 2008-2011 2013-2016
Thesis title Three compounds derived from chalcone and three non-phenolic compounds from the culture of Morus macroura (Moraceae) shoots. Study of Diels-Alderase Enzymes Involved in Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis in Morus cathayana (Moraceae) Root Culture Biochemical Studies on ABBA Prenyltransferases from Streptomyces
Supervisror Prof. Dr. Euis Holisotan Hakim Prof. Dr. Euis Holisotan Hakim Assoc. Prof. Tomohisa Kuzuyama

C. Research Experience in the Last 5 Years

No. Year Research title
1. 2020 Exploration of cytotoxic compounds from Indonesian soil bacteria for the search for Potential Lead Compound as an anticancer

D. Experience of Community Service in the Last 5 Years

No. Year Title of activities
1. 2020 Science Class Education at SDN Bojong Kacor, Bandung Regency
2. 2020 Socialization of New Habit Adaptation (IMR) and Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) in Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic in Schools and Communities

E. Publication of Scientific Articles in Journals in the Last 5 Years

No. Title Journal Volume/number/year

F. Scientific Conferences (Oral Presentation) Speakers in the Last 5 Years

No. Conference name Title Time and place
1. National Symposium on Indonesian Natural Chemistry, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Prenylated Aromatic Compounds Using Prenyltransferase Enzymes as Biocatalysts 18-19 October 2016
2. Conference of Japan Actinomycetes Society, Toyama, Japan Bacterial Indole Prenyltransferases for Chemoenzymatic Syynthesis of Prenylated cCompounds 7-8 September 2015