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Social Event (One Day Bali Tour)

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Journal Collaborations

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This year, Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) 2018 Seminar & Workshop will be held on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bali – Indonesia in relation to 56th Dies Natalis of the Udayana University.  It has been great success in all our past events that had been held in Penang (Malaysia), Bandung (Indonesia), and Langkawi (Malaysia). Universiti Sains Malaysia together with Universitas Udayana and Universitas Padjadjaran proud to organise CADD 2018 with the aim of bringing together and providing a platform for interaction and exchange of research ideas among experts in the area of CADD. Critical aspects and current issues associated with CADD will be shared and initiatives from various perspectives in drug design are needed to synergistically unfold the great potential in CADD.

In view of the potentially huge significance of this field in both pharmaceutical industry and academic, the focus of CADD 2018 is to introduce “The New Era of Digital Approach in Drug Design“.


The New Era of Digital Approach in Drug Design


    • Protein structure prediction
    • Molecular dynamics simulation
    • Molecular docking simulation
    • Pharmacophore modelling
    • QSAR, 3D QSAR
    • ADMET prediction


    • Invited Speakers Registration (26 November 2018)
    • Workshop (27 November 2018)
    • Seminar (28 – 29 November 2018)
    • Social Event (One Day Bali Tour) (30 November 2018)


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Kenneth Merz Jr.

Prof. Kenneth Merz is staff of Department of Chemistry, MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY. His research group is focus at the interface between the computational sciences and biology. He work on a number of problems...

Invited Speakers

Alexander Tropsha, Ph.D

Alexander Tropsha, Ph.D is associate dean for pharmacoinformatics and data science in Eshlman School of Pharmacy, The University of North Carolina. He is an...

Associate Prof. Dr. Arry Yanuar

Dr. Arry Yanuar obtained his undergraduate degree in pharmacy from Universitas Indonesia and master degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Gajah Mada University, Indonesia. His...

Associate Prof. Dr.rer.nat Sophi Damayanti

Dr.rer.nat Sophi Damayanti, M.Si, Apt is Associate Professor in Department of Pharmacochemistry, School of Pharmacy Institut Teknologi Bandung. She graduated from University of Duesseldorf,...

Associate Prof. I Made Agus Gelgel Wirasuta

I Made Agus Gelgel Wirasuta is a Lecture of Forensic Toxicology, Pharmacy Departement, Udayana University, I was toke PhD in field of forensic toxicology...

Dr. Kholis Abdurachim Audah

Dr. Kholis Abdurachim Audah is lecturer in Swiss German University and Chairman of Indonesia Society of Bioinformatics and Biodiversity, earned his Ph.D in Biochemistry from...

Dr. Maywan Hariono

Dr.Maywan Hariono is a Lecturer in Analytical Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry Department, Universitas Sanata Dharma. He graduated from University Sains Malaysia in 2016. His...

Dr. Regina Politi

Regina Politi University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | UNC · Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistr

Dr. Richard Bryce

Richard Bryce is staff at Division of Pharmacy & Optometry, The University of Menchester. He heads up the computational-aided drug design group in the...

Dr. Zoe Cournia

Dr. Cournia is a Researcher – Assistant Professor level at the Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, where she works on anticancer drug design, design of...

Fumio Hirata

Fumio Hirata is a researcher at Toyota Phys. & Chem. Res. Inst. that found Statistical mechanics theory to control the structural fluctuation of protein in...

Marco De Vivo, PhD

Dr. De Vivo is Director of the Molecular Modeling and Drug Discovery laboratory at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).  He joined IIT in...

Norio Yoshida, Ph.D

Norio Yoshida is Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University. His research interest is theoretical study on the electronic structure...

Prof. Chris Chipot

Prof. Chris Chipot is a CNRS research director and Adjunct professor of physics, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN. He received his Ph.D in Theoretical Chemistry...

Prof. Muchtaridi, M.Si., Ph.D, Apt.

Prof. Muchtaridi is a full professor in Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry of Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia. He obtained his...

Prof. Seiji Mori

Seiji Mori is a professor of chemistry, Graduate school of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University. He obtained a PhD degree from the University of...