Reduced serum selenium concentration in miscarriage incidence of Indonesian subjects

rizkyAbdulah R, Noerjasin H, Septiani L, Mutakin, Defi IR, Suradji EW, Puspitasari IM, Barliana MI, Yamazaki C, Nakazawa M, Koyama H.

Selenium is an essential nutrient for human health, and maternal selenium concentration has been reported to be associated with pregnancy outcome. To further investigate the possible role of selenium (Se) in miscarriage, we conducted a case-control study to evaluate the correlations among selenium status, glutathione peroxidase activity, and spontaneous abortion. A total of 46 subjects with normal pregnancies and 25 subjects with spontaneous abortion were recruited, and their serum selenium concentrations and serum glutathione peroxidase activities were analyzed. The total serum selenium concentrations in subjects with normal pregnancies were significantly higher than those of subjects with spontaneous abortion; however, the glutathione peroxidase activities were similar in both groups. We further separated the subjects into smoking and nonsmoking groups, and the logistic regression analysis suggested that total serum selenium concentration, but not serum glutathione peroxidase activity or smoking, was significantly correlated with the incidence of miscarriage. The present study thus reaffirms that low serum selenium levels are associated with miscarriage and that selenium plays an important role in pregnancy maintenance.

Biol Trace Elem Res. 2013 Jul;154(1):1-6. doi: 10.1007/s12011-013-9701-0

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