Fumio Hirata


Fumio Hirata is a researcher at Toyota Phys. & Chem. Res. Inst. that found Statistical mechanics theory to control the structural fluctuation of protein in aqueous solution.

His career as a researcher, which started from a graduate course, He has developed
the integral equation theory of liquid, a field of the statistical mechanics, to elucidate
structure of water and its role for biomolecular function and structure. Among the
theories he has developed with other collaborators, the extended RISM and 3D-RISM/KH
theories have proved themselves quite useful in analyses of the molecular recognition
that plays crucial role in expression of biomolecular functions. Those theories, which
have been derived by his research group as a generalization of the RISM theory proposed by D. Chandler and H. C. Andersen to aqueous solution of biomolecules, have been
implemented in commercial softwares such as AMBER, and have been utilized at
industrial sites as a powerful tool of drug discovery.


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